Remembering our loved ones

Canon 450D | 50mm | F 8.0 | 1/500 | ISO 200

On November the 1st, we remember our loved ones who passed away. In Hungarian this day is called “Mindszentek” (All Saints’ Day).

Recently my fiance and I went to the municipal cemetery of our city to take care of some administrative issues, that’s where I got this picture of this crow standing on the cross, looking around. The image is not of the best quality (even the editing), I admit, but my excuse is that I hurried because the crow wouldn’t have waited for me. I took three pictures of it, unfortunately they were so overexposed that it was beyond repair.

With this picture, I would like to remember my family and friends who are not among us anymore. My grandmother and grandfather from my mother’s side, and my grandfather from my father’s side, my former-colleague from college who very tragically lost her life in an accident, my former English teacher from high school, and so many others. I hope they have found eternal light, peace and happiness beyond the world of the living. May they rest in peace.

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